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Pokemon Go Explained!

Surely you’ve heard about Pokemon Go by now.  Yes it’s only a few days old yet it’s all the rage apparently.  But do you know anything about it? Neither did I until…  Until I heard this podcast explaining it all in less time than you can say Pokemon Go!  If you’re interested then you can …

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10 Tips for Becoming a Better Husband

While I’m always encouraging husbands to step it up, this list is really, really good.  But before you check it out, note that number 6 will get you a lot of points but will go against your nature men!  If you want to become a better husband try a few off this awesome list!

Cowart Venture Part 1

Cowart Venture Part 1… Several months ago at Friendship Church I cast a 50 year vision for the adoption of Cowart Elementary School.  At the time I wasn’t sure exactly what that would look like, remember it was a vision and not a plan!  As the months have passed the vision is slowly becoming a …

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Remembering Eric

As I was in my car today I heard on the radio that some of the slain Dallas police officers were being laid to rest.  As I heard of the long processionals of people who’d come to show their support i drifted back in time… The time was December, 2007, in Hazel Green Alabama.  Normally …

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3 Ways to Make Fried Oreos at Home

Was reminiscing about the state fair of my childhood and how the midway food has changed – for the better!  Seems like everything is fried these days.  The first time I tried fried Oreos, it was instant love!  So today I wondered how easy it would be to do this at home.  Searching the internet …

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Five Series Recap

So in case you missed any of the last series… Five – Five Decisions that could Alter your Future, here is a recap of the Main Points! Week 1 – Worship…Main Point – Rhythmic Worship is Wise Week 2 – Discipleship….Main Point – There’s a Cost to Discipleship Week 3 – Today…. Main Point – …

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