March 2016 archive

Friendship Future 50 (3/30/16 Update)

Just a few months ago we celebrated 50 years of ministry at Friendship Church. What a wonderful day that was. One of the many highlights that day was when I casted the vision for the next 50 years.  You can read the entire vision at Friendship Future 50. Now several months later I want to …

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The Story Easter Forgot!

Ok, here’s the setup!  This Easter my hope was to resolve the tension between Justice and Mercy on Easter Sunday.  I built it up really big in the introduction saying that I would do it through stories of dead people, vigilantes and how I found myself facing the business end of a loaded deer rifle …

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Souls not Numbers

When we talk about inviting people to church it’s VERY important to understand that it’s NOT about numbers, it’s about souls.  It’s about people like your mother, father, kids, aunts, uncles, neighbors and friends. They’re not a number, they all have names, faces, personalities, jobs, etc…  Most  of all they matter to Jesus.  If they …

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20 Things We Learned to Stay Married for 20 Years

I follow Tony Morgan on Twitter.  He recently wrote a post about 20 things he learned to stay married for 20 years.  Check out his list and see how you do – of course your milage may vary but I thought it was pretty good. I found number 3 and number 19 to be of …

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10 Tips for Better Time Management

You’re at work and it’s about time to go home.  Unfortunately you realize that you’re just about to get to YOUR to-do list.  You suddenly realize that time has gotten away and you spent the majority of your day putting out other people’s fires. Its happened to all of us, and will continue unless we …

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5 Things Wives Wish Husbands Knew

Title says it all! Check out this short article at to see if any of these could strengthen your marriage.

5 Things Husbands Wish Wives Knew

Title says it all! I’m pretty sure all guys will read number 3 and will start looking for someone to high 5!  Check out this short article at to see if any of these could strengthen your marriage.

Overcoming Generational Poverty Part 4

Overcoming generational poverty at first glance can leave you wondering what difference could you possibly make. Right?  I mean, it is called “generational” after all.  And that may be why it’s been so hard to overcome.  A lot of people like quick fixes and this problem isn’t going to end in a quick fix.  Overcoming …

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