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Dance Party Monday!

Recently read that someone said Mondays were like stepping on a Leggo – not very pleasant! But I believe Mondays are awesome!  Mondays set the tone for the rest of the week. Mondays are all about attitude, and who controls that?  You do! So I can’t think of a better way to start a Monday …

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Atlas Robot Could Be a Game Changer

Is the new google robot a game changer?  Is it creepy?  Regardless, my first impression was this thing is amazing!  Contemplate for yourself after watching the Boston Dynamics’ new Atlas.

4 Ideas to Manage Email Better

How is your Email looking these days?  If you’re like most it’s a mess.  Sort it by date and see how many you still have taking up residence since 2015.  Come on people it’s 2016! According to an Entrepreneur.com article, Email can be a great tool,  “But when used inappropriately, email can hinder productivity. More …

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6 Ways to Make Monday the Best Day EVER!

Why do Mondays get such a  bad rap?  It’s one of my favorite days of the week! Yup, I’m that guy you hate that seems to always be  in a good mood on Monday. That guy that’s singing “It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood” all through the halls. Followed by a dance party in …

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23 Life Hacks that COULD be Life Changing!

OK, so the picture of the cuddly bloodhound has nothing to do with this article!  But who can resist a great dog picture! While I continue to be interested in life hacks I came across these 23 that I found interesting.  No, not all 23, but there were some thoughtful new ones that I had …

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My Experiment with Juggling!

How did I get here?  Balancing chairs on my chin.  Juggling numbers – more than 3 objects at a time.  Clubs. Rings.  Chairs on my chin. Chairs on poles on my chin.  The diablo – or Chinese Yo-Yo.  Then there was the balancing experiment that went bad – really, really bad. Here’s my story… I …

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6 Ways to Love Your Husband Even Better

The Happy Wives Club (Long story) highlighted 6 ways to love your husband – even better.  While I could list those 6, there is a great introductory story that you will like. So just go there and read 6 Ways to Love Your Husband Even Better at the Happy Wives Club – as featured on ABC, …

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5 Ways to Love Your Wife

Recently read  this by Clayton King… 5 Practical Ways to Love Your Wife 1.  Pay Attention Common sense, boys. Your wife is giving you a steady stream of information, 24 hours a day, about who she is and what she needs and how she feels. Turn off your phone, watch SportsCenter later, and watch her. Listen to …

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Overcoming Generational Poverty Part 3 – Best Example Yet?

When trying to solve a problem that generates passion, one needs to use caution.  The first response is to immediately jump in and create something that will scratch the itch.  The thought then becomes, let’s do something that we believe is going to be helpful and solve the problem.  We quickly round up the troops, …

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Methodist’s Guide to Ashes

Thought this was pretty good.  Never hurts to laugh a little.