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My Theological Take on Star Wars

The long awaited Star Wars – The Force Awakens is about to open. Everyone seems to have a take on this. So I thought I’d throw my thoughts in on the theological implications of what appears to be a blockbuster. Here they are…  I got nothing!   That’s right, I don’t have one.  Why?  Because …

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5 Stress Busting Tips

We’ve all heard that stress is a killer.  We all know we have it.  Most of us know the situations that we put ourselves in that create it. So what’s one to do? The American Institute of Stress suggests these 5 stress busting tips: Here are 5 tips to help you take back your control …

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2015 Rocket City, Altercation and Huntsville PD

Here’s the skinny on my attempt at another Rocket City Marathon (26.2 miles). From the start… If you read my snafu from the 2015 Dizzy Ultra 31 miler then you know I got sick mid race. So, for this one, my last meal was at 4pm on Friday.. Clock is set for 4:10am.  I get …

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Welfare Mom and Poverty

Once heard about the difficulty of single parents clawing their way out of poverty. The link at the end of this short post echoes that story.   Many ARE trying to do better but the system doesn’t always offer realistic solutions. You can read about all this at Yahoo Parenting.

Bible Recommendation

Periodically I’m asked to help someone select a Bible. If you’ve tried to buy a Bible lately then you know how crowded the field happens to be. There are just so many translations and versions. This week as I was preparing to preach, I reached for one of my many Bibles to see what its …

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Agony of Defeat – Dizzy 50 2015

The Dizzy 50k, that’s 31 miles, ultra has come and gone for 2015!  It wasn’t pretty and I failed 50% of my goals! Goal 1 – Finish the race!  Always my number one goal. Goal 2 – Beat my time from last year. So here’s the short of it all.  It all ended in the …

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12 Questions for Leaders

I recently read a great post from Tony Morgan. It discussed the 12 questions every leader needs to be asking. I thought I would share those with you to get us all thinking about how we’re doing as leaders. Now you may not think of yourself as a leader, but the possibility exists that you …

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Parachute Epic Fail

Toady I want to blog about an early life experiment that ended in an epic fail. When I was younger living in Montgomery Alabama, my parents were friends with a man that was in the military reserves. We would often find ourselves out in the country staring up into a clear blue sky.  Why?  Because …

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Overcoming Generational Poverty Part 2

As I continue our series on overcoming generational poverty it has become quite clear that there are multiple types of poverty. Knowing the different types may help us wrap our head around how it actually happens and how to combat it.  So the following is from a blog written by NATASHA QUINONEZ. Types of Poverty There …

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