June 2015 archive

Supreme Court Decision Part 1 – Hamilton

With the recent Supreme Court Decision legalizing same sex unions, I felt compelled to write a 4 part response to that decision. So over the next few days I will post various opinions on the topic. 1.  Adam Hamilton’s view for same sex unions 2.  An average family’s view against same sex unions 3.  Bishop …

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Commitment Escalation 2.0

I recently posted on Commitment Escalation  and cited a Harvard Business Revue article explaining the term. Today as I was researching Commitment Escalation I ran across a more simplistic article that I hope you will read at Leadernet.org., which includes elements of Commitment Escalation and ways to avoid it.

Top 10 Traits of Entrepreneurial Church Leaders

I have always loved the entrepreneurial spirit as it relates to the church. That’s why I enjoyed the opportunity to plant a new church over 17 years ago.  It’s also what I enjoy now!  I like to explore new ways in which the church can impact communities. So while researching qualities of entrepreneurial church leaders …

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Magnetic Field Architecture

It’s my own personal belief that by studying other disciplines you can perhaps find ways to apply them in yours. I recently started reading about the field of magnetic architecture.  I have found it quite fascinating in it’s potential to improve human life. The verge recently posted about the world’s first hoverboard to show the …

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Commitment Escalation

While it’s not an original idea of mine, I’ve been intrigued recently with the topic of commitment escalation. In it’s simplest form the term focuses on when to pull the plug. While this subject is relevant to many areas of life, I find it interesting in how it manifests itself in the church environment. Here, …

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12 Ways to a More Simplistic Life

In my endless and sometimes failing pursuit of a more simplistic life I ran across 12 Easy Ways to Make LIfe to make life simple again at Marc and Angel Hack Life. While I sometimes just list the Hacks and reference a website, I feel this one is worth the read in it’s entirety. So, …

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5 Simple Leadership Hacks

Title says it all. 1. Make someone else the hero 2. Do what you say you’re going to do when you say you’re going to do it 3. Focus on outcomes 4. Look people in the eye 5. Smile Found these over on careynieuwhof.com and you can get into more detail here.

Scheduling vs Lists

For the longest time I have been a proponent of “To Do Lists” to generate the best productivity of my day. Recently I have been convinced that there is a better way to be more productive each day than generating a “To Do List” each morning. My new way has become scheduling.  It’s become a …

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Dishes by Hand

This was a more utilitarian life experiment that I tried . It originated with my frustration over having to basically wash the dishes before they’re put into the dishwasher – what?  You know, the pre-wash ritual we all do before the dishwasher, so there’s no food residue remaining when the cycle is complete! This has …

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Ultra Running on Vimeo

Need a little inspiration to run faster and longer? If so, I would recommend you head over to Vimeo and watch these.  Get off the couch and watch a few!