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Jul 19

Cowart Venture Part 1

Cowart Venture Part 1… Several months ago at Friendship Church I cast a 50 year vision for the adoption of Cowart Elementary School.  At the time I wasn’t sure exactly what that would look like, remember it was a vision and not a plan!  As the months have passed the vision is slowly becoming a …

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Jun 13

Overcoming Generational Poverty Part 6 – Defining the Poor

When it comes to defining the poor, things have changed.  As you can imagine, the definition of poor varies across the board. Today I read an article of how  the poor defines themselves.  While the article is from 2011 I think you’ll be REALLY surprised at how poor is defined. Here are some highlights: The …

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May 11

Overcoming Generational Poverty Part 5 – Literary Statistics

As I continue to study generational poverty, I ran across an interesting article.  According to,  2/3 of students who cannot read proficiently by the end of the 4th grade will end up in jail or on welfare.  The site noted that if they’re not proficient by the 4th grade then there is a 78% …

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Dec 02

Overcoming Generational Poverty Part 2

As I continue our series on overcoming generational poverty it has become quite clear that there are multiple types of poverty. Knowing the different types may help us wrap our head around how it actually happens and how to combat it.  So the following is from a blog written by NATASHA QUINONEZ. Types of Poverty There …

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