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Feb 14

What Would Jesus Have to Do?

What would Jesus have to do/prove, for you to reclaim Sunday worship on a consistent basis?

  • Be Baptized? Done!
  • Resist temptation in the desert? Done!
  • Convince 12 men who didn’t know him to follow him? Done!
  • Preach a moving sermon from a mount? Done!
  • Heal a leper? Done!
  • Heal a Roman officer’s son? Done!
  • Heal a sick woman and others? Done!
  • Calm a storm? Done!
  • Give sight to the blind? Done!
  • Remove sickness? Done!
  • Help the lame to walk again? Done!
  • Turn water into wine? Done!
  • Raise people from the dead? Done!
  • Love you unconditionally? Done!
  • Be crucified? Done!

Seriously, what would it take for you to take back Sunday worship on a consistent basis?

What if Jesus was willing to die for you? Oh yeah, done!

So, fill in the blank…. I would give Jesus my Sunday worship consistently if he would only ______________.

Reclaim the Sabbath, Jesus has already done everything possible for you.

Now it’s time to reclaim the Sabbath and worship him for all He’s ALREADY done for YOU!

You got this! You can do it! You can do it this Sunday and start doing it consistently.

One day He’ll thank you for it! 🙂

Feb 08

Mini Retirements – a new trend?

Are you familiar with the new trending concept of  Mini Retirements? Odds are you’re like me and have never heard of the concept, much less know that the concept is actually getting some traction.

In a nutshell, people aren’t waiting for the traditional retirement ages, to retire.  They’ve made a decision to take mini-retirements while they’re still young. Retirements in bursts throughout life, not just at the end when health factors may limit choices.

To sum it up as stated on the blog, Bren on the Road…

You can experience the joy of retirement during your youth

There are certain things that you can’t do (or can’t do as well) when you’re 65 and up, especially physical things such as kite-surfing, climbing mountains, enduring 20-hour train rides, cliff jumping – the list goes on.

When you take a mini-retirement at 30, you can still do all these things with your youthful body. Your hips won’t die on you when you sit on a bus for hours, your back won’t buckle when a wave throws you off your surfboard at 20 miles an hour. It’s not only more fun, but it’s safer and healthier.

Your mind is also young. You learn things easier, you remember things better. You get the chance to become a student again while your brain is still fresh and clicking. I’ve met many older folk in my language classes that talk of difficulties in remembering vocabulary and conjugations, and I’ve also experienced this as the years click on.

As the old saying goes, youth is wasted on the young.

If you would like to learn how to take your first mini retirement then you can read more from Bren on the Road blog here – it’s a great read!

Jan 31

10 Tips to Becoming a Better Adult Sibling

Having a sister 8 years my junior…  I probably wasn’t the best brother she could have hoped for. No, I can drop the “probably”, I could have been better!  I remember one of my “blue ribbon” experiences that left a scar!  On her not me! I chased her around a swimming pool aggravating her…  It was hilarious for me watching her and hearing her scream her head off…  Funny right up until her leg fell into the pool drain, her shin skin being ripped up her leg to the actual bone where it rubbed the concrete going in, etc…  She still reminds me of that one!  And that’s just one of many incidences.

Before you get all holy on me, you probably have a similar story!

Luckily, as we got older we became closer but there were some gaps in those years!  Unfortunately, for many, they remain adversaries once they become adults.  They only grow apart as siblings.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.  It doesn’t have to end that way.

If you would like to have a better relationship with your sibling then maybe you need to be the one to initiate the move. If you would like to do that then you might want to read this article that has 10 Tips to Becoming a Better Adult Sibling.

Jan 30

Bet you didn’t know this about God!

Ok, it’s not a real bet so keep reading… And if you already know this stuff then consider it a refresher.

Here is how it started for me… Early in seminary was when I first learned this about God. But as I was recently reading about this was when I realized I should probably share it as it was shared with me.

As noted by N.T. Wright in his book “Simply Christian”…

  • Hebrew, the language of the Old Testament has no vowels
  • At some point the ancient Israelites came to know their God by a special name
  • This name was so special that they were not allowed to say it out loud
  • Even today we’re not sure how it is to be pronounced,the consonants are YHWH
  • Our best guess as to how it was/is pronounced is Yahweh
  • Orthodox Jews won’t speak the name, they often refer to God simply as “the Name,” HaShem
  • Neither will they write it. Sometimes they write the generic word “God” as “G D”
  • Yahweh seems to have meant “I am who I am,” or “I will be who I will be”
  • Israelites developed a way for avoiding the name when reading scriptures by using the word ADONAI, which means “my Lord”

Well, if you didn’t know, you do now!  If you did consider it a refresher.

Ultimately let it be a reminder of how seriously we are to take our God!

Jan 28

18 Decluttering Tips for Everyeone

If you walk into my office at the end of the day you’re likely to find my desk totally clean!  When people see it they sometimes remark, “You know what the sign of a clean desk is?, don’t you?”, I quickly reply, “It’s the sign of a brilliant mind!”.  Of course if you’ve held a conversation with me for more than 2 minutes, you know that’s not the case.  I do however subscribe to many simplistic things in my life.

Simplicity over the last few years has started to really catch on.  People seem to just be tired of clutter in their lives.  That is nothing new, the difference is, now more people seem to be willing to do something about it.

So, if you’re one off those people who want to get on board and declutter your life then you might try micro decluttering, decluttering in micro chunks.  I recently read a post on this very topic that was very interesting and just might be the catalyst of actually delcuttering your life just 5 minutes at a time.  Seriously, who doesn’t have 5 minutes.

If you’re interested, you can read more here.


Jan 24

The Power of Affirmation

You’ve probably never heard name Scott Adams, but you probably know his cartoon – Dilbert!  I like to read about successful people and I would say that Scott fits that description however you might want to define it.

I recently read where he had a lady suggest to him to try this thing called affirmations. He said it worked liked this, “All you do is pick a goal and you write it down like 15  times a day in some specific sentence form, like ‘I, Scott Adams, will become an astronaut;’ for example. And do that every day. Then it seems like the universe just starts spitting out opportunities. You’ll think it’s all coincidences but they will keep popping up.”

Adam decided to give it a try, what do you have to lose? Right? His first affirmation was to become a number one best selling author – before he’d ever written a book or ever taken a class in writing – The Dilbert Principle became that number one best selling book!

Before you dismiss the power of affirmation, there’s no science behind it, let me tell you my own story with the power of affirmation.

Since I can remember, after becoming a Christian, I have had a love of people. One of the ways I showed that love in a hurting world was/is to encourage people to visit and get involved in a church. Many people never make the connection that introducing someone to Christ through a simple invitation to church is an act of supreme love.

Here is where the power of affirmation collided with my love of people. One day long ago my wife and I decided to begin each day holding hands with our daughters and having prayer before school. Julie and I have kept that tradition to this day long after our girls have left the house.

But, several years ago we decided to do what Scott Adams suggests even without knowing we were doing it. Heck, I’d never heard the name Scott Adams until last week. During our morning prayer time as we hold hands, we pray that God will place opportunities to invite someone to church today. Then we usually follow that up with give us the wisdom to recognize it when it happens. This is very similar to what Scott Adams is talking about. It’s an affirmation of sorts. I will invite someone to church today.

Once we started praying this daily, it seemed like opportunities just started popping up all over the place, at Wal-Mart, restaurants, community events, ballgames, etc…

It’s become a very powerful experience and many people have been our guests because of those prayers.

There is really nothing quite like inviting someone to church and see them actually come.  When is the last time you had a guest come to church? When is the last time you extended an invitation? When is the last time you prayed that God would place someone in your path to offer an invitation to? When is the last time you prayed that God would help you recognize those opportunities?

I want to encourage you to start praying that prayer today and everyday for the rest of your life. The world could become a better place if you do.

The power of affirmation!

Jan 17

What the Church Can Learn from Wal-Mart

Wal-Mart has its lovers and haters! But let’s lay that aside for a moment.  Wal-Mart has made a strategic decision that could change the size of future stores!  Have you been in a Wal-Mart Supercenter lately? Maybe the better question is how many times you’ll visit this week!  You are probably already aware that they place items like milk at the back of  the store so you’ll have to pass other items that you might impulse buy.  Well, some of that may be coming to an end with the introduction of the new Wal-Mart Neighborhood Market.

In a Business Insider post the CEO of Wal-Mart explained what the future will look like and why… ”

Wal-Mart CEO Doug McMillon says the company’s supercenter stores got way too big.”We just found out how big was too big, you know, and some customers don’t want to walk all that far,” McMillon said in an interview with PBS’ Charlie Rose. The retailer’s largest supercenters are over 200,000 square feet, which is about the size of four football fields.”A few years ago, we recognized and started adjusting the supercenters down to a smaller size,” he said. McMillon said Wal-Mart stores will continue to get smaller in the future as its e-commerce business grows.”

So what could the church learn from Wal-Mart? Maybe that the future of the Mega-Church is something that will give way to the Hub Church model. The Hub Church model has a lot to offer the church. Not familiar? This concept has a “Main Campus” that serves as a hub. From that hub other smaller campuses are added that can be looked at as spokes coming out from the hub. This model has a lot to offer in my opinion. The hub allows for stability for the new campus plant in the form of leadership and training to name a few.  With this philosophy the goal is not to just keep getting bigger – well it is, but only to a point.  That point is always site specific of course. But, once that point is met, then the search begins to plant a new campus. This can then can be replicated to add spokes to the hub. Each time a new campus is added it should become easier as more experience is gained. Thus, replication could happen at a much quicker and efficient rate than the first.  Another advantage could be the expense or lack thereof. Knowing that the new campuses are never intended to grow into a really large church, costs can be kept lower than a traditional church start. Storefronts, public schools, movie theaters are all possible first location possibilities. These can all be rented with shorter term leases. With this in mind, if the new campus doesn’t do well, you can close and move to another location without the threat of a huge mortgage that a traditional church start would carry. This makes it easier to take a risk that the new campus will work while knowing not all is lost if it doesn’t. This would hopefully encourage more churches to take a risk and be willing to fail knowing that there could be big gains made for the kingdom.

The ultimate advantage is new church plants often grow at a faster rate than older established churches. With this model church growth really happens as each spoke is added and not necessarily at the hub. That seems to be a win-win situation.

So maybe Wal-Mart’s Neighborhood Market downsizing philosophy can also benefit the church.

Jan 10

One Year Without Buying Anything New?

Have you heard about the new challenge many are accepting?  The challenge to buy nothing new for 365 days?  Believe it or not there are a ton of people who are accepting the challenge and in a weird way actually prospering!

While I have an interest in minimalism, decluttering, clean spaces, tiny homes and the like, I’m not sure I could handle a 365 day challenge of no new things.

Here are some of the advantages, that I must admit might be enticing to many!

  • Saving money
  • Preserving resources
  • Eliminating waste
  • Managing time
  • Living simply
  • Building a sense of self-worth

If you’re interested in a short post telling you more about the benefits and struggles of this HUGE movement then look no further.

Jan 02

Split Head and the Dizzy Fifties!

I completed another ultra race – 31 miles and some change on Monte Sano.  Here are the details from the race and my new training routine.

I decided to try a new diet this year called the Primal Blueprint in hopes of losing some belly fat. I combined that with heart monitor training. Heart monitor training is designed to help you race faster by training slower. You use a formula to determine your minimal and maximal range and keep your rate within those limits when training.

Heart rate training was incredibly frustrating in the beginning. I had to run a LOT slower than I was accustomed to in order to stay within the parameters set. But over time I graduated to a faster pace while keeping my heart rate low. Win, win!

The day before the race I began to monitor what I ate – if you recall this was the same race last year I lost my cookies and continued to do so for the rest of the day!  I decided not to eat after about 4 pm. in hopes of eliminating a repeat.

The race starts at 6:30. I want to be there an hour before the start – parking is sometimes a nightmare. This means I need to leave the house by 5:30am., which means I need to get up around 4:15 – 4:30am. That’s early folks!  I get up on time, get all my nutrition in the car, load all other gear, extra shoes, socks, blister repair kit, hydration pack, etc…  standard ultra fare for any race day. Find a great parking spot, set my phone alarm and try to relax until race time.

Alarm goes off. I get out of my car. Whatta you know! All the skinny people have shown up once again.  They ALL look more serious than I do. That may have had something to do with my decision to only do one long run per week leading up to the race. Of course I still ran multiple shorter runs but my longest run was probably no more than 13 miles. I was pretty loose figuring I’d start off near last and see if I could pass a few before the 4 or 5 hours passed. Yup, it takes a while for a 54 year old to run an ultra these days.

Things were going as scheduled for most of the day.  I had already decided I wanted to enjoy this race. Being out in the woods in the solitude of nature is pretty awesome – until my legs start to hurt! I spent a lot of that time talking to others but eventually I pretty much center on praying. All my nutrition decisions were going well so far.  No gels, just bananas, peanut butter sandwiches, some Gatorade and Coke.

Then it happened. One of my goals in every race is to not fall.  I know, I know, it sounds funny. But many ultras are run in the late fall and early winter.  That means that leaves are all over the trails. Add sunlight, shadows and leaves and you have a wonderful hiding place if you’re a rock. I use the term rock loosely, think more of an iceberg concept. The tip of the iceberg is just a small sign of what lies beneath. Same is true of rocks on many trails but certainly true on Monte Sano. If you’re even afforded  the  luxury of seeing  it, it looks like a small rock that you could kick down the  trail.  Usually not the case! What you see is just the tip of the unmovable boulder that lies underneath.

So here’s the usual chain of events for me and many others… Eventually your legs start getting really tired and want to cramp. Combine that with the fact that if you ever start leaning forward, as when one kicks a rock (attached to a boulder that’s not going anywhere) and you get a worst case scenario.  The perfect storm – leaves, shadows, rock, cramping legs, leaning forward and I can’t get my legs back underneath me. Then it happened, I went down.  I went down harder than any time before.  Picture in slow-motion… Legs are  tired, I’m cramping, I hit the tip of the rock, I start leaning forward, I try as hard as I can to get my legs back underneath me, not happening, I go down in briers then something happens that has never happened – I hit my head on a rock! Seriously, are you kidding me? Then I realize that it REALLY hurts. I reach up with my awesome yellow Nike running gloves, I pull it back down, BLOOD. Seriously?  I’ve cut my head? My knees are cut from briers and now  I’ve got to figure out if this could  be bad.  So I begin  to rub my head, just seemed like the thing to do to assess my situation. My gloves are getting bloodier and bloodier. Because I’ve been a lifelong fan of boxing I decided to jam my index finger into the cut like they do a q-tip in a cut in boxing.  After about a total of 10 minutes I get the bleeding to stop well enough to continue – I’m only half way done so I have to complete the race – right!

From this point forward when I run by the medical folks I do my best to turn my head or whatever it takes so they don’t see it.

Eventually I finish the race in one of the goal times that I set for myself and all is good.  My head still stings but I don’t think much about  it until a lady about 8 feet away says what did you do  to your head?  At that point I took a cut head selfie to see how bad it was. It actually took a few weeks  for all the scabs to disappear. Whatever!

All in all another great ultra with another great story.

Not because of the fall but this may have been my last ultra.  Been there done that. Will continue to run shorter distances for exercise but probably no more ultra distance stuff – but who knows?


Dec 07

Chuck Norris Approved Man Gifts

chuck-norrisAt gift giving times there appears to be a lot of confusion as to what men would like. Let’s get to it… Men like toys! No matter what some say, we don’t want underwear, socks, dress shirts or ties!  We figure that we’re going to get clothes at some point anyway!  So why waste a great gift with giving socks, ties, underwear, etc…when you could be giving the gift of toys!  That’s right toys – awesome man toys. Let’s have a look at just a few suggestions: knives, axes, Yeti coolers, power tools, truck accessories, camo, game cameras, drones, scopes, cars, Weber grills, rods and reels, fishing lures, lifetime hunting license, BIG outdoor meat smokers, outdoor cooking stuff, motorcycles – fast ones – no Harley’s, tires, rims, anything from Harbor Freight, cool stuff to trick out our rides, get it?  No clothes! Well, some clothes, but only if Chuck Norris would wear it.

I think the website says it best…

“We believe men deserve better gifts. Gifts that stir a primal craze of chest bumps and cheers, not polite half-smiles. We believe gifts should be just as exciting to give as they are to receive; the gifts of water cooler legend. We are Man Crates, and we do awesome gifts for men.”

So when given an opportunity to give a man a gift, don’t squander the opportunity to give an awesome toy that will become water cooler legend. Don’t settle for that gift that only creates a polite half smile. Give something that is the catalyst for a mosh pit of chest bumps and cheers!

Just my thoughts and your mileage may vary!

This post is Chuck Norris approved.

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