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Last week at the church I attend we started a new series, One Month to Live – 30 Days to a No Regret Life.  Not sure I wanted to think about the possibility of only having 30 days to live.  But as we got into the message you couldn’t help but think about it.  I …

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70 Plus Ideas to Simplify Your Life/Home Minus 65

Does your life ever seem complicated?  Have you collected so much stuff that you are renting space to store it – or should be?  Is your house so messy that you occasionally find something and say “I didn’t know I still had that.”  Does it seem like every day is getting shorter and shorter because …

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YUCK – One Month to Live?

Sounds kind of morbid – to know that you only had one month to live!  But the church I attend is starting a new series January 11, 2014 that will address that question.  What would you change if you knew that you only had one month to live? I understand it’s going to be loosely …

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Ultra Experiment

How did I get into this? A few years ago I decided to give running a try.  Why?  I’m not sure.  I’m was in relatively good  shape, working out weekly at a nearby gym. One  day I decided that I haven’t given running a try so I  thought I’d add it to the long list …

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Life Editing

Life Editing Years ago I ran across a movement called Tiny Houses.  The idea is all about downsizing our homes to the point that we only have what really matters.  The useful stuff and meaningful stuff in life.  While I could care less what size home someone has, the concept seemed very interesting.  As one …

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2008 Throat Cancer – What?

So you see me drinking Mountain Dew all the time before I speak…  I still get a dry mouth periodically and here’s the back story…  Before going any further, I’m doing fine and only have yearly visits with my oncologist now.  In a few years they will clear me altogether!  My favorite saying today is …

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In the beginning….

So it all begins today! Blogging about all the things that I get involved in, experiments in life… religion, family, running, cycling, juggling, scuba diving, boating, entrepreneurial stuff, simplicity, and so much more. All in hopes of living an adventurous and abundant life. Thus the name of this site – all things tony j.- the …

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