Commitment Escalation

commitmentWhile it’s not an original idea of mine, I’ve been intrigued recently with the topic of commitment escalation.

In it’s simplest form the term focuses on when to pull the plug.

While this subject is relevant to many areas of life, I find it interesting in how it manifests itself in the church environment.

Here, we often find ourselves trying to fix something by continuing to work at it, spend money on it, committing more and more resources until we’re in over our heads.  It’s not producing the returns we’d hoped for and yet we keep escalating our commitment.  Basically we continue to build a bridge that leads to nowhere.  We believe that if we do a little more we can fix it.

In the church it can be due to history, a special family, a we’ve always done it that way mentality, or any number of reasons. But for whatever reason we continue to force the issue in hopes that the last tweak will fix it.  Sometimes this is much easier than the antithesis, facing the music and admitting something may be past it’s prime.  Worse yet, admitting that what we’d hoped would happen never materialized.

In a time of limited resources, hectic lifestyles, and lack of commitment in general, maybe it’s time to pull the plug and move forward and let go of the sacred cows – whatever they may be, but we all have them.

Just remember, if you get to feeling froggy, some ditches are worth dying in and some aren’t, so pick your ditches wisely.  What may not look like a win at face value may very well be providing assets somewhere else! So, gather true data and evaluate, evaluate and evaluate!

If you want to read more about commitment escalation, the Harvard Business Review has a great article on it.  While the article will focus on business applications, it’s not hard to make the jump into the church environment.  You can read about that here.

But don’t get bogged down in commitment escalation as it relates to the church environment, it goes so much deeper – careers, hobbies, relationships and investments just to name a few.

Maybe there is an area of your life where you need to just pull the plug and stop escalating the commitment that’s never going to produce the results you’d hoped for.

12 Ways to a More Simplistic Life

simpleIn my endless and sometimes failing pursuit of a more simplistic life I ran across 12 Easy Ways to Make LIfe to make life simple again at Marc and Angel Hack Life.

While I sometimes just list the Hacks and reference a website, I feel this one is worth the read in it’s entirety.

So, I hope you’ll read about 12 Ways to a More Simplistic Life!  I think you’ll be glad you did.

5 Simple Leadership Hacks

Leader hACKTitle says it all.

1. Make someone else the hero

2. Do what you say you’re going to do when you say you’re going to do it

3. Focus on outcomes

4. Look people in the eye

5. Smile

Found these over on and you can get into more detail here.

Scheduling vs Lists

CalendarFor the longest time I have been a proponent of “To Do Lists” to generate the best productivity of my day.

Recently I have been convinced that there is a better way to be more productive each day than generating a “To Do List” each morning.

My new way has become scheduling.  It’s become a “To Do List” on steroids (kids don’t do roids) for me.

Instead of the list, I use my Google calendar and actually give each task a time (scheduling each task).  So in essence, it’s my old “to Do List” with a time management element.  Now each item has a beginning, and ending time. While it’s not for everyone, I would suggest you try it and see if it works for you like it did for me.

Dishes by Hand

dishwasherThis was a more utilitarian life experiment that I tried .

It originated with my frustration over having to basically wash the dishes before they’re put into the dishwasher – what?  You know, the pre-wash ritual we all do before the dishwasher, so there’s no food residue remaining when the cycle is complete!

This has always seemed counter productive to me.  Why should I wash a dish before placing it in the dishwasher.  That seemed to be to be a dishwasher that was a slacker, if I was having to do it’s job.

So I decided for a month to do all our dishes by hand.  Instead of a true pre-wash before the dishwasher I just squirted some soap on the plate and presto, dishes were washed.  As soon as we used a dish I would wash them and dry them.  It was a dream come true.  No soaking dishes, no pre-wash ritual, no unloading the dishwasher – a dream come true. Or so one would like to believe.  Even though I was doing all the dishes, my wife put the ole kabash on my experiment claiming that the dishwasher killed the bacteria as well due to high heat.  I countered by thinking that over the life of my experiment that I had, and she had, remained perfectly healthy!  OK, maybe the long term effects have not been revealed  but I’m sticking with this was a great experiment!


Ultra Running on Vimeo

VimeoNeed a little inspiration to run faster and longer? If so, I would recommend you head over to Vimeo and watch these.  Get off the couch and watch a few!

New Shoes?

cobblerWhile not my usual documentary fare, I ran across the Cobbler on Netflix, starring Adam Sandler.  If you want to watch it and receive it’s full impact don’t read anything about it, just go watch and see what happens!

I had never heard of the movie before and it’s not “R” rated (of which I do not watch, except for the Passion of Christ”, so I clicked!

What a wonderful surprise!

If you haven’t watched the Cobbler, then you might really enjoy it and I would recommend it.  Not an academy award winner or anything but just a good movie.

As you know with Netflix, don’t wait to long or it’s gone!

2015 Running Season

Running1Well it’s that time of the year again.  Time to get ready for the 2105 Half Marathon, Marathon and Ultra Running racing!

Currently I’m running about 4 days per week.

2 days at 7 miles, 1 day at 90 minutes and 1 day at 45 minutes – all non-stop!  Ok maybe this schedule isn’t difficult for the ultra superstars but it gets interesting for me with the humidity and heat of a Southern summer.

My hope is to run 3 ultras (over 30 miles) this running season.

I now try to get up at 5:30 am. then either run or workout at the gym each morning that it’s scheduled.  Getting up early is not always easy but has been a blessing as I can get a lot of exercising in before work!

If you’re interested in learning more about ultra running then check out

Top 10 must read leadership books 2015  has posted their top 10 Leadership books to read in 2015.  Here are 2 from their list:

Bold by Peter H. Diamandis and Steven Kotler

Driven to Distraction at Work: How to Focus and Be More Productive by Ned Hallowell

See the rest at

Experts choose top 3 productivity tools

home productivityOver at high performance lifestyle, they ask 61 productivity experts to choose their 3 favorite productivity tools.

You can see what they had to say in this VERY informative post.