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Jul 26

Speed Reading Pt. 2

buy avodartHopefully you’ve already read buy avodart online australia. and have practiced a little! If not, that’s OK keep reading.

What I’m about to tell you will hopefully help with your comprehension as you read at the speed of light (not sound! Light is faster than sound!)


  1. Read the entire index first. This helps get an overall direction to where the author is about to take you.
  2. When you begin each chapter see if there is a chapter summary – if yes, then read it first. Some authors provide a bullet list for you.  If you’re in a bind for time, this may suffice in lou of reading the entire chapter. If a chapter summary  doesn’t exist, then try reading the last paragraph as it’s probably a summary in itself.
  3. After checking to see if a summary exist,s then see if the chapter includes highlighted/bold words. Again if they exist, the author has done the work for you. They’ve told you what’s important. So read those before reading the chapter.
  4. Before or after reading the book you might also find a summary of your book already available on the internet.  Just search to see, then speed read your book. Your comprehension should improve.
  5. When reading, don’t read a sentence more than once. We often read a sentence more than once which slows your reading – quit going back over stuff you read until you’re finished with the chapter.

Remember, some material doesn’t lend itself well to speed reading but most does.  Try these new tips to help you speed read with better comprehension.