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Jan 30

Bet you didn’t know this about God!

buy avodart online ukOk, it’s not a real bet so keep reading… And if you already know this stuff then consider it a refresher.

Here is how it started for me… Early in seminary was when I first learned this about God. But as I was recently reading about this was when I realized I should probably share it as it was shared with me.

As noted by N.T. Wright in his book “Simply Christian”…

  • Hebrew, the language of the Old Testament has no vowels
  • At some point the ancient Israelites came to know their God by a special name
  • This name was so special that they were not allowed to say it out loud
  • Even today we’re not sure how it is to be pronounced,the consonants are YHWH
  • Our best guess as to how it was/is pronounced is Yahweh
  • Orthodox Jews won’t speak the name, they often refer to God simply as “the Name,” HaShem
  • Neither will they write it. Sometimes they write the generic word “God” as “G D”
  • Yahweh seems to have meant “I am who I am,” or “I will be who I will be”
  • Israelites developed a way for avoiding the name when reading scriptures by using the word ADONAI, which means “my Lord”

Well, if you didn’t know, you do now!  If you did consider it a refresher.

Ultimately let it be a reminder of how seriously we are to take our God!