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Mar 30

Friendship Future 50 (3/30/16 Update)

buy avodart online ukJust a few months ago we celebrated 50 years of ministry at Friendship Church. What a wonderful day that was. One of the many highlights that day was when I casted the vision for the next 50 years.  You can read the entire vision at buy avodart australia.

Now several months later I want to provide an update so the vision stays before us.

Love God

  1. New Wednesday Night Worship
    1. We will begin the new Wednesday Night Worship Service sometime around August of this year.
    2. We are in the process of securing a source for a catered meal to be offered before the service.
  2. Sunday Morning Adult Lifegroups
    1. We now offer 2 new Sunday morning adult lifegroup options
    2. 9:30 Lifegroup taught by Teryn White in the Bride’s Room
    3. 10:45 Lifegroup taught by Pat Gartman in the Bride’s Room
  3. is now available to everyone with an Email address – provides yet another way to grow your spiritual life with over 10,000 quality videos.  All free to those interested.

Love Others

  1.  We’ve adopted Cowart Elementary School.
    1. We created an outdoor learning space by cleaning up the courtyard at the school.
    2. We held the first Cowart Block party.  A free community event hosted by Friendship.
    3. We hosted a teachers appreciation luncheon catered by Mo’s from Madison
  2. National Speakers
    1. We hosted Brian Johnson from Walk thru the Bible in January
    2. Hosted Eric Swanson from Leadership Network on how to transform a city
    3. We will host buy avodart in October.  He’ll be speaking on Family issues
  3. Platform Creation
    1. We’ve canvased all the majority of churches in Athens to see what services they offer. This info will be used to create an internet platform so those in need can go straight to the source.
    2. Contact has been made for a potential collaborative effort with Athens State University


  1. Cowart Elementary School – see above
  2. Friendship Commons
    1. Disc Golf holes are being priced
    2. Soccer goals are always out for public use
    3. Potential Parks and Rec softball team my by using our fields
    4. People have been flying RC planes
    5. Kites have been seen flying
    6. Dogs walked
    7. People walking/running
    8. Have a high quality outdoor volleyball court ready to be used
  3. Community Harvest Festival
  4. Community Egg Hunt
  5. KALB -Keeping Athens Limestone Beautiful
    1. Will be using our facilities for Athens Earth Day
    2. One of the largest outdoor events in Athens
  6. Friendship Serve Day is in process, where we all come together and serve our favorite community projects on the same day.

As you can see we are making progress!