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Apr 27

65 Mustang, Chocolate Pie, and Penn and Teller….

What do you get when you combine a 65 Mustang, Chocolate Pie and the magical duo of Penn and Teller?  Pure awesomeness! So what does a 65 Mustang, Chocolate Pie and Penn and Teller have in common?  Everything, at least they do this Sunday at Friendship! You see, there was a day in which the …

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Apr 21

Target, Bathroom and Gender Identity – My Thoughts!

Quoting the story as posed by Foxnews.com can start an interesting conversation as to where we are heading in America.  Here is what Fox News states: “Visit a Target and use whichever bathroom you’d like. That’s the message the retail giant appears to be sending with a new statement on its website that ostensibly takes …

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Apr 08

Becoming an Awesome(er) Husband

The argument continues over the percentages of marriages that end in divorce.  Some say that it’s dropping but it may be due to more people skipping the commitment of marriage and going with a live in option. It’s my belief that if one marriage ends in divorce that could’ve been saved then that’s one too …

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Apr 07

Nourished by Communion

At Friendship Church we have many denominations represented on any given Sunday.  Many, who are Friendship partners (members), were once from other denominations than the United Methodist Church.  While we teach on Communion as part of our Growth Track, I thought it might be helpful to post this article on communion in the United Methodist …

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Apr 06

Shrimp, Gospel of Luke and McDonalds

  Did you know that according to Adam Hamilton, there are 2 Dimensions to Forgiveness?  There is your internal release of bitterness, anger or desire for revenge. The extension of mercy toward the one who has wronged you. Sunday we’ll discuss how to move from number 1 to number 2, and so much more as …

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Apr 06

Delano 12 Hour Endurance Race 2016

Should I or shouldn’t I?  Do what?  Attempt to enter a 12 hour endurance race?  Still haven’t reached my limit so why not?  How do you set goals for something you’ve never done before?  Just take a stab… Goals: Show up Finish Sub Goal 1 – Finish an ultra distance of over 31 miles Sub …

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Apr 05

Tribute to Friendship Staff

At Friendship Church I have a benefit that most don’t.  I get to work alongside an incredible staff.  I do my best to thank them regularly but I’m not sure I can thank them enough for all they do for Christ through Friendship Church. This week I was reading a letter to pastors thanking them …

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