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Aug 27

50th Celebration – Bundt Cakes, Time Capsules and More?

What does our 50th Celebration afternoon segment and bundt cakes and time capsules have in common – EVERYTHING! It’s not a party without a cake!  So to show our appreciation to everyone that’s had anything to do with Friendship Church in the past and present, we’re ordering you a cake!  That’s right just for you!  …

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Aug 24

Starbucks – Forgiveness and Customer Service!

While in Starbucks today catching up on my reading, I witnessed an incredible display of forgiveness and customer service. First, let me explain how I arrived at Starbucks.  I believe it’s important for me to be in the community on a regular basis.  This helps me get a feel of what’s happening in people’s lives …

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Aug 20

35 Miler Around The Corner!

Who doesn’t enjoy a good 35 mile run somewhere in the Georgia mountains? It’s that time of year again, time to run the ultras!  I can’t wait. In fact I couldn’t wait, so I’ve entered a 35 mile trail race in Georgia! The picture to the left is part of that race from what I …

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Aug 20

50th Celebration Details – But Not All!

On September 13th you  will hardly believe your eyes and ears!  That’s the day we celebrate 50 years of ministry at Friendship. Imagine with me if you will… As you roll into the parking lot the first thing you’ll see is the friendly wave from greeters welcoming you to the celebration.  You’ll of course wave …

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Aug 13

Full Tummy

At Friendship Church we’re trying to combat the problem of hungry children in Athens ! We do this primarily through a program we call Full Tummy.  Full Tummy is primarily based on what people literally bring each Sunday and whatever donations that can be made. Because of the generosity of so many, we’ve taken on …

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Aug 12

Why Missing Worship Matters

Now, before your head explodes don’t hear what I’m not  saying!  Missing worship due to the normal stuff knowing you’ll be back is not what this is about. What this is about is….  Missing corporate worship that traditionally takes place in a church building.  Then finding something you believe is a plausible substitute that God …

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Aug 05

A Guide to Living with Less

Wanted to share an article that I recently read at Relevant Magazine.  The focus is on how to eliminate excess and declutter your life.  It’ll end with a clothing challenge that will probably seem foreign to most, and yet interesting! Periodically it seems good to declutter our lives in more areas than just stuff.  But …

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