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7 Brain Hacks to Increase Productivity

Check out the following video laying out some awesome hacks to increase your productivity from buzzfeedblue.      

Apr 23

Searching for Life

How’s your spiritual life these days? How’s your relationship with God? Is it going great? Is it non-existent? Is it in a holding pattern? Have you lost the love you once had for God? Regardless of what state your spiritual life is in, we can all agree that it could be better.  Who doesn’t want …

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Apr 16

Benefits to Waking Up Early

Over at the they have a great list of men who were early risers. Statesman Daniel Webster would use his extra time in the morning to answer twenty to thirty of the letters he received from constituents and other politicians. Benjamin Franklin would wake every day at 5AM and would use the time to wash, dress, …

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Apr 16

10 Tips to Living Within Your Means

According to, here are some startling statistics: U.S. household consumer debt profile: Average credit card debt: $15,611 Average mortgage debt: $155,192 Average student loan debt: $32,264 In total, American consumers owe: $11.74 trillion in debt An increase of 3.3% from last year $882.6 billion in credit card debt $8.14 trillion in mortgages $1.13 trillion in …

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Apr 16

Bad Things Happening to Good People?

Ever wondered why bad things happen to good people?  Those things that make no sense?  We all have our personal stories of someone we’ve known who didn’t deserve what happened to them.  This Sunday we’ll address that issue and more!   Did you say more?  Why yes I did!  Like what?  Glad you asked. Well, …

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Apr 09

Easter Sunday and Beyond

Last Sunday was Easter Sunday and what a Sunday it was!  We had 942 people when the dust settled.  Several joined and we had several baptisms!  Way to go! But, Sunday’s still coming, so what can you expect this week?  COMMUNION, that’s what!  Everyone is welcome to receive communion.  No, we don’t cut the lesson …

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Apr 02

Bridges and Homebuilt Airplanes

Before I begin, let me add my disclaimer…  I was not the pilot in command nor do I remember who was.  I do not know who the builder of the plane was either…. If you’ve read my other posts you know that I enjoy calculated risks – I get to determine how calculated it is! …

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Apr 02

What to expect Easter Sunday 2015

  Just an update on what you can expect on Easter Sunday! There will be no surprises We’ll read the traditional resurrection scripture We’ll sing some powerful songs Message of justice, mercy, grace and love We’ll end hearing an incredible story of a God of second chances, then… 16 people will be joining and we’ll …

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