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Cut Your Cell Bill – Frugal Phone Plans

I’m amazed at how much people spend on their phone service and their actual phones! Let me confess what you’re already thinking – obviously he doesn’t have an Apple Iphone. And you’d be correct. Don’t get me wrong, I love apple products and would surely love an Iphone – but only if someone else is …

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Mini Retirements – a new trend?

Are you familiar with the new trending concept of  Mini Retirements? Odds are you’re like me and have never heard of the concept, much less know that the concept is actually getting some traction. In a nutshell, people aren’t waiting for the traditional retirement ages, to retire.  They’ve made a decision to take mini-retirements while …

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18 Decluttering Tips for Everyeone

If you walk into my office at the end of the day you’re likely to find my desk totally clean!  When people see it they sometimes remark, “You know what the sign of a clean desk is?, don’t you?”, I quickly reply, “It’s the sign of a brilliant mind!”.  Of course if you’ve held a …

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One Year Without Buying Anything New?

Have you heard about the new challenge many are accepting?  The challenge to buy nothing new for 365 days?  Believe it or not there are a ton of people who are accepting the challenge and in a weird way actually prospering! While I have an interest in minimalism, decluttering, clean spaces, tiny homes and the …

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23 Life Hacks that COULD be Life Changing!

OK, so the picture of the cuddly bloodhound has nothing to do with this article!  But who can resist a great dog picture! While I continue to be interested in life hacks I came across these 23 that I found interesting.  No, not all 23, but there were some thoughtful new ones that I had …

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12 of the best Tiny Homes of 2015

If you’re a tiny house fan like I am, then you need to check these out at  You won’t be sorry! Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn

10 Awesome Ways to Declutter Your Home

We’ve all been there right? Who doesn’t want a clean neat space to live in? Who wouldn’t like to declutter just one room? Well while looking around the internet I found a great post about 10 Creative ways to Declutter Your Home. Instead of listing them all, head over to and check them out …

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A Guide to Living with Less

Wanted to share an article that I recently read at Relevant Magazine.  The focus is on how to eliminate excess and declutter your life.  It’ll end with a clothing challenge that will probably seem foreign to most, and yet interesting! Periodically it seems good to declutter our lives in more areas than just stuff.  But …

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The 10 Smallest Livable Homes In The World

Here is a list with pictures of 10 of the smallest liveable homes.  Most are pretty incredible – incredibly small! See them and read about them here… Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn

Tiny House Movement?

Downsize?  Are you kidding?  Where would I put all the stuff I don’t use – ever? Downsize?  Yep, that’s what many people are doing beginning with their house. Want to know more about the Tiny Home Movement?  If you do the then see this article that compares the cost of a traditional home verses a …

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