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Jan 02

Split Head and the Dizzy Fifties!

I completed another ultra race – 31 miles and some change on Monte Sano.  Here are the details from the race and my new training routine. I decided to try a new diet this year called the Primal Blueprint in hopes of losing some belly fat. I combined that with heart monitor training. Heart monitor …

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Apr 06

Delano 12 Hour Endurance Race 2016

Should I or shouldn’t I?  Do what?  Attempt to enter a 12 hour endurance race?  Still haven’t reached my limit so why not?  How do you set goals for something you’ve never done before?  Just take a stab… Goals: Show up Finish Sub Goal 1 – Finish an ultra distance of over 31 miles Sub …

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Jan 12

2016 moment of weakness!

It seems to happen every race. I’m in the middle portion and all I can think about is I’m not sure when I’ll do this again!  Those thoughts usually hit when you feel like you’ve been running forever. It happened last year during the Mountain Mist. It’s billed as the southeast’s toughest trail race.  That …

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Jan 01

Recover from the Holidays – 2015

Another 31 mile ultra in the books! At the end of each year the Recover from the Holidays ultra is held on December 31 – New Years Eve. It’s somewhat of  a misnomer to even have the word “recover” as part of this race name.  Not much “recovering” takes place in a 31 mile endurance …

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Dec 16

2015 Rocket City, Altercation and Huntsville PD

Here’s the skinny on my attempt at another Rocket City Marathon (26.2 miles). From the start… If you read my snafu from the 2015 Dizzy Ultra 31 miler then you know I got sick mid race. So, for this one, my last meal was at 4pm on Friday.. Clock is set for 4:10am.  I get …

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Dec 07

Agony of Defeat – Dizzy 50 2015

The Dizzy 50k, that’s 31 miles, ultra has come and gone for 2015!  It wasn’t pretty and I failed 50% of my goals! Goal 1 – Finish the race!  Always my number one goal. Goal 2 – Beat my time from last year. So here’s the short of it all.  It all ended in the …

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Sep 28

2015 Georgia Jewel Race Report

My 35 mile ultra marathon on the Pinhoti Trail in the North Georgia mountains is in the books! Was  I able  to finish or did I DNF (did not finish)?  Here  is a detailed description of the toughest race I’ve run to date. Arrived at the host hotel at about 3 pm. the  day before …

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Aug 20

35 Miler Around The Corner!

Who doesn’t enjoy a good 35 mile run somewhere in the Georgia mountains? It’s that time of year again, time to run the ultras!  I can’t wait. In fact I couldn’t wait, so I’ve entered a 35 mile trail race in Georgia! The picture to the left is part of that race from what I …

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Jul 08

Ultra Quotes…

Haven’t updated you on any of my ultra training so I thought I’d do that! I’m currently registered for an ultra (30 plus miles) trail run and a city marathon (26.2 miles). My training consists of lifting weights at the gym and outdoor running. I hate running on the treadmill but if I have to …

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Jun 20

Ultra Running on Vimeo

Need a little inspiration to run faster and longer? If so, I would recommend you head over to Vimeo and watch these.  Get off the couch and watch a few!

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