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Nov 28

Time Management Tips You Can Actually Do!

Time management is usually an “on point” topic for everyone. It’s one of those skills that many strive to master. It’s one that those who always joke about being late all the time (BTW, it’s sad if being late is what you’re known for – and it’s rude to others that are waiting on you, …

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Jul 26

Speed Reading Pt. 2

Hopefully you’ve already read Speed Reading Pt1. and have practiced a little! If not, that’s OK keep reading. What I’m about to tell you will hopefully help with your comprehension as you read at the speed of light (not sound! Light is faster than sound!) Books Read the entire index first. This helps get an …

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Jul 11

Speed Reading Pt.1

Several years ago I was challenged to become a prolific reader by my leadership coach. For me, that meant I wanted to read at least 2 books a month – and not just thin ones. That was on top of other reading that I’d be doing. In order to do that, he also challenged me …

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May 30

Habits of Productive People

Who doesn’t want to become more productive? To feel great about the day’s accomplishments! If you want to become more productive, these might be the ticket for you! These come from Forbes Magazine’s online article 9 Habits of Productive People:  Cut your  “to do” list in half Take more breaks Follow the 80/20 rule Use …

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Feb 28

The One Thing…And Sunday?

Over the last several months I’ve been studying the productivity concept of “multitasking”.  After reading “Deep Work” and “The One Thing”, I have reinforced my belief that multitasking actually hurts productivity. These books actually land on a concept called “Block Timing”. In essence, you are more productive when you block off periods of time and …

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Jun 28

20 Microsoft Word Shortcut Keys

Who doesn’t want to be the most productive person possible?  While studying new ways to be more productive I was reminded that there are some old ways that are still valuable.  Keyboard shortcuts happens to be one of the most productive things you can master.  Nothing new but something I don’t often do.  So here …

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Jun 27

Monday Hacks!

Why do people tend to hate Mondays? I just read a poster that said, Monday, I hope you step on a Lego! Sums it up for many. I’m just the opposite, I love Mondays!  Mondays set the pace for the week. In case you need some Monday motivation try reading this article – How you …

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May 11

Multitasking is Out and Focus is In

Want to become a better time manager?  Want to become more productive?  Want to be the boss of your day?  If you do then quit multitasking and start focusing.  Just read a great article that suggests that multitasking is out and focus is in. Here are a few highlights:  I encourage you to underestimate what …

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Mar 17

10 Tips for Better Time Management

You’re at work and it’s about time to go home.  Unfortunately you realize that you’re just about to get to YOUR to-do list.  You suddenly realize that time has gotten away and you spent the majority of your day putting out other people’s fires. Its happened to all of us, and will continue unless we …

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Feb 29

Dance Party Monday!

Recently read that someone said Mondays were like stepping on a Leggo – not very pleasant! But I believe Mondays are awesome!  Mondays set the tone for the rest of the week. Mondays are all about attitude, and who controls that?  You do! So I can’t think of a better way to start a Monday …

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