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Apr 02

Bridges and Homebuilt Airplanes

Before I begin, let me add my disclaimer…  I was not the pilot in command nor do I remember who was.  I do not know who the builder of the plane was either…. If you’ve read my other posts you know that I enjoy calculated risks – I get to determine how calculated it is! …

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Mar 23

My Brief Life as a Chimney Sweep?

While serving a previous church I had the opportunity to become a Chimney Sweep!  What?  Yes, that’s right a chimney sweep. Here’s how it happened… One of the members in a recent church has a chimney cleaning business.  He was a school principal and his hours allowed him to have a second part time job.  …

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Mar 09

Cave Diving at Midnight

Several years ago as a life experiment I decided to become a certified PADI scuba diver. Took what seemed like a ton of classes from SDI in Huntsville that were taught at Oakwood College. All went well and I received my Open Water certification.  But the bug had bitten.  As with many of my experiments …

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Feb 24

Let’s Get Drunk!

Let’s get drunk!  That’s what many of my high school friends were saying to one another.  Personally never looked very intriguing to me.  I still remember on exam day in high school a girl coming in that had been drinking that morning and vomited all over herself.  Due to the exams she had to come …

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Feb 18

Safety Razor Shaving Life Experiment (men only)

Well, it was time for another life experiment.  While perusing the blog The Art of Manliness, I ran across a post entitled How to Shave Like Your Grandpa. It talked about bringing back the lost art of shaving with a double edged safety razor like in days of old (not so old that I don’t …

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Feb 03

Airshow Anyone?

This was an interesting life experiment that started in high school.  I’ll write about it in another post. Long story short, I found myself with a private pilot license right out of high school – yep the real deal.  Official and everything! The airport that I ran on weekends in college – scary thought right, …

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Jan 23

Life Without Cable?

Can there be life without cable?  I wasn’t sure, but I thought what another great life experiment let’s try it and see! Here’s the real back story.  We had AT&T U-verse and loved it!  But then we moved – just a block away.  Turns out the house we moved from was the last house on …

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Jan 20

The Experiments Begin!

So, how did the experiments begin? Early in life I decided to try some interesting (read stupid!) things that I thought would be exciting – living life to the fullest. After spending time with my parents over the weekend, my mother told a story that may be the original experiment. This is probably where it …

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Jan 01

Ultra Experiment

How did I get into this? A few years ago I decided to give running a try.  Why?  I’m not sure.  I’m was in relatively good  shape, working out weekly at a nearby gym. One  day I decided that I haven’t given running a try so I  thought I’d add it to the long list …

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