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Sep 22

How I Lost over 20 Pounds – For Now!

Some have asked how I lost over 20 pounds recently.  So I thought I’d give you the skinny (pun intended) on it.  The catalyst really was a friend of mine that is always doing life experiments much like myself.  He ranted about how much better he felt due to his change in eating habits.  Notice …

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Feb 18

My Experiment with Juggling!

How did I get here?  Balancing chairs on my chin.  Juggling numbers – more than 3 objects at a time.  Clubs. Rings.  Chairs on my chin. Chairs on poles on my chin.  The diablo – or Chinese Yo-Yo.  Then there was the balancing experiment that went bad – really, really bad. Here’s my story… I …

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Feb 03

Punch ’em in the Mouth

There are certain childhood memories that you just don’t forget, this is one of them… It’s all true to the best of my recollection. I once had a great friend that we’ll call Mike (real friend, fake name).  Mike had a great green truck and acted as my ride for a long time.  Because I …

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Jan 04

Look Ma, No Hands!

Tried another experiment over the weekend… When I was younger everyone had a bicycle.  They were all the rage.  One of the coolest I ever had was one with an awesome green metal-flake banana seat with a sissy bar.  The grips actually had tassels!  It was really cool back then.  We would take playing cards …

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Dec 02

Parachute Epic Fail

Toady I want to blog about an early life experiment that ended in an epic fail. When I was younger living in Montgomery Alabama, my parents were friends with a man that was in the military reserves. We would often find ourselves out in the country staring up into a clear blue sky.  Why?  Because …

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Jun 20

Dishes by Hand

This was a more utilitarian life experiment that I tried . It originated with my frustration over having to basically wash the dishes before they’re put into the dishwasher – what?  You know, the pre-wash ritual we all do before the dishwasher, so there’s no food residue remaining when the cycle is complete! This has …

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Jun 01

Umpire Mania!

This was yet another Life Experiment that I tried for a while…. Alabama High School Athletic Association girls softball umpire!  This one was going really well until…  Here is how it went down….  One of my church members was already calling a lot of games when he needed help.  So the next year I decided …

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Apr 02

Bridges and Homebuilt Airplanes

Before I begin, let me add my disclaimer…  I was not the pilot in command nor do I remember who was.  I do not know who the builder of the plane was either…. If you’ve read my other posts you know that I enjoy calculated risks – I get to determine how calculated it is! …

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Mar 23

My Brief Life as a Chimney Sweep?

While serving a previous church I had the opportunity to become a Chimney Sweep!  What?  Yes, that’s right a chimney sweep. Here’s how it happened… One of the members in a recent church has a chimney cleaning business.  He was a school principal and his hours allowed him to have a second part time job.  …

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Mar 09

Cave Diving at Midnight

Several years ago as a life experiment I decided to become a certified PADI scuba diver. Took what seemed like a ton of classes from SDI in Huntsville that were taught at Oakwood College. All went well and I received my Open Water certification.  But the bug had bitten.  As with many of my experiments …

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