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Jun 29

Breath of Fresh Air!

What a breath of fresh air when I heard Derek Carr’s (Now the highest paid NFL player) words when asked,…. I’ll get to that in a minute as I need to set this up… Over the last several years NFL QB’s have not had the best of press. Jameis Winston and Johnny Manziel are two …

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Jun 27

Why People Leave Churches – My Current Take

What I’m about to say is just my take on why people leave churches, your mileage may vary. As an addendum my thoughts are not all inclusive. Let’s begin… I believe that there are 3 types of church growth: Biological (new babies), Conversion (new Christians – what Jesus was very interested in) and Transfer (people …

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Jun 15

Men Eating Meat – Cross Generational Gathering…

Men Eating Meat – a Cross-Generational Gathering of Friendship Church men was a huge blowout!  I wanted to create a fun atmosphere for men to gather and just talk.  No agenda, and certainly no hidden agenda! When I first conceived the idea, I was hoping for maybe 20 men that might be interested. At the …

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Jun 07

Church Closings Revisited…

United Methodist ministers meet annually with other ministers and church attenders. This is known as an annual conference. It’s a visioning/business meeting sort of thing.  Reports are read and presentations are made that highlight the state of the church. One of the reports/presentations includes churches that have closed. It’s always sad to hear the church …

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May 30

Habits of Productive People

Who doesn’t want to become more productive? To feel great about the day’s accomplishments! If you want to become more productive, these might be the ticket for you! These come from Forbes Magazine’s online article 9 Habits of Productive People:  Cut your  “to do” list in half Take more breaks Follow the 80/20 rule Use …

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Apr 12

Why Easter’s not on a set date every year…

Christmas is always on December 25th – right? So what’s up with Easter? Why is it not on a set date every year?  Glad you asked!  Here’s the skinny on Easter… The Council of Nicaea set the date of Easter in 325 A.D. They determined it to be the Sunday following the paschal full moon, …

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Mar 30

Cut Your Cell Bill – Frugal Phone Plans

I’m amazed at how much people spend on their phone service and their actual phones! Let me confess what you’re already thinking – obviously he doesn’t have an Apple Iphone. And you’d be correct. Don’t get me wrong, I love apple products and would surely love an Iphone – but only if someone else is …

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Mar 06

Practicing the Presence of God

Was doing my morning reading today and ran across something that I wanted to share. It’s something that I don’t think we give much thought to, I could  be wrong, but…. It’s known as practicing the presence of God.  Here is what was noted in respect to that important topic as noted in the intro …

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Feb 28

The One Thing…And Sunday?

Over the last several months I’ve been studying the productivity concept of “multitasking”.  After reading “Deep Work” and “The One Thing”, I have reinforced my belief that multitasking actually hurts productivity. These books actually land on a concept called “Block Timing”. In essence, you are more productive when you block off periods of time and …

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Feb 20

Ages 25-35 Wanted!

More and more studies seem to concur that the Christian church is starting to experience a huge gap in the 25-35 age group.  Some would say that if we don’t have a course correction there will be a gap that will take quite a while to make up.  This age group has become affectionately known as …

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